Yetnebersh Nigussie and Melaku Tekle, great speakers for the disability movement at the FFD3

Yetnebersh and Melaku from the Ethiopian Center for Disabiity and Development spoke respectively at the following side events, on behalf of IDA and IDDC:

Unlocking People’s Capacity as a Means of Implementation: The Human Face of Financing for Development

Investing in Youth & Ensuring Decent Jobs to Harness the Demographic Dividend on the Occasion of the First-Ever World Youth Skills Day

Yetnebersh emphasized that people’s participation will play a key role in contributing to the success of the outcome document of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development and of the whole post-2015. She stressed that people’s participation is central in ensuring accountability and transparency and therefore should be considered a key means of implementation.

Yetnebersh made two specific points:

  1. Participation and transparency are key principles for robust, effective, and inclusive accountability mechanisms for the FfD and post 2015 framework at all levels – from the local through to the global.
  2. For participation to be meaningful it must be inclusive of and accessible for persons with disabilities.

Melaku’s presentation during the side event that celebrated the first Youth Skills day on July 15 focused on the importance of creating opportunities for skills development for youth with disabilities. The side event was organized by the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth. On their website there is a short article of mine that focuses on inclusive skills development and the importance of participation skills:

In the same panel with Melaku there was also a deaf girl, supported by Let girls lead—a global movement that aims to empower girls and that in Ethiopia works also with girls with disabilities, specifically with deaf ones.

You did a great job, Yetnebersh and Melaku! Many thanks to all the colleagues form the co-hosting / co-organizing CSOs who made the side events possible.


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